I'm Henry Holmes, a designer.

I help people build meaningful software, with the skills to contribute across a full design lifecycle from research to implementation. I'm presently working as a Senior Interaction Design Engineer at TripleLift.

I can...

  • Design
  • Code
  • Write
  • Teach


Raised in rural Wisconsin, I earned my BFA at UW Madison. I studied algorithms through a choreographic lens, considering software as an extension of the human psyche. I moved to Brooklyn to work with non-profits, artists, educators and others at the intersection of real and virtual life, building digital infrastructure that makes a difference in the daily lives of actual people.

Under the hood

I built this site on Nuxt, a framework for another framework (Vue.js.) Commits are automatically published to Netlify and I manage content with Netlify CMS. Wherever possible I've chosen open source software and well-maintained libraries. This is roughly the 12th iteration of my portfolio over a decade's time. It will never be finished.

What's your thing?